How it started

It’s amazing that I can share with you the news about the opening of our Montessori kindergarten “Limetka”. By the time my children were just three and one year old, I started to read an article about the advantages that offers training / educational / program by Marie Montessori. I started intensively to engage in the exciting world of children’s education and to study education methods of Maria Montessori.

I always wanted extra bilingual kindergarten, because I believe that bilingualism promotes the overall development of the child. I wanted to give my children a wonderful gift of bilingualism, which greatly enriches the whole life.

That’s why I was looking for my kids kindergarten where they had the opportunity to learn a second language in a natural way, as well as they learn their native language. Kindergarten that would meet my expectations, I did not find in our neighborhood: that’s why I set up my own. All children will have the opportunity to grow and develop oral and written skills in their native language while acquiring the same in another language.

In the kindergarten “Limetka” we are committed to the principles of Maria Montessori. This means that we mainly want to provide a safe and happy environment for your children. Our mission is to provide children a basis for lifelong learning, for cultural literacy. We take this mission very seriously and we will work on it to ensure that high-quality education in such an environment stimulates interest in learning, respect for others and oneself.

Parents are welcome in our school. We appreciate and support the partnership between family and school.