About us

“Limetka” is an international Czech-English Montessori kindergarten for children from 2,5 years.

The program is based on the proven knowledge that bilingual education provides many benefits for our children.

In the class are always two teachers, one speaks Czech and one speaks English.

Activities in a small team under the guidance of university-educated teachers guarantee to your child a quality pre-school education with an emphasis on the holistic development of his personality.

Parents are kept informed of the activities and development of their children, may at any time arrange an individual appointment with the teacher.

Kindergarten Motto:

We respect the individuality of each child, its individual development, interests, ways of understanding, learning.

We believe that learning another language, teaches children to a greater tolerance and to respect other cultures and traditions. This is a good assumption for this to become good people, responsible citizens. Kindergarten “Limetka” offers proven, natural and fun approach to learning a foreign language. Our aim is to combine excellent education with instructions, both in Czech and in English.