Great attention is paid to food and fluid intake of children throughout the day. There have fresh drinking water, fruit tea, milk or fruit diluted bio juice. Imports lunches in BIO quality is provided by Bionea. Parents have the opportunity to choose from a daily menu that offers meat or vegetarian variant for lunch.

During the morning / afternoon snacks children themselves choose how much of what they want to eat. The choice is always of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, whole grain breads, spreads, yoghurts and cereals.

Lunch consists of soup and a main course in bio quality. There is a choice every day of vegetarian food or meat.

The food is prepared fresh every day in accordance with the principles of healthy eating and food hygiene standards for preschool children.

We encourage children to eat peacefully, do not force them. We teach children to eat safety, to take on their plate just as much as they will eat.

Payment method: total monthly amount for your child’s lunch you can pay cash or on account.

The amount is payable within the first day of the month.

Unsubscription of food should be made to 14:00 the previous day at tel. number 605 215 054. If you do not sign off the food after this time, the meal will be count in full according to the presence of the child in the kindergarten. In case of extension of attendance is necessary to arrange a day in advance to 14:00, in order to provide for you food for the next day in time.